Home Grown Meals

“The earth was designed to sustain every generation’s needs, not to be plundered in an attempt to meet one generation’s wants.”

I would like to begin to overturn the stereotype that Christians have no concern with the environment (although God created our world to be ‘good’ and we have not been the best to seek to maintain it’s goodness). Let’s challenge the world’s stereotype. Let’s change the stereotype and move beyond the entitlement and selfishness of serving ourselves and begin to serve the environment and our future. Let’s be relevant to our culture and make changes that will benefit generations far beyond our own. Let’s love people by doing these things.

Here’s my challenge to you: if we were to eat one home grown meal a week, we could save 800 millions barrels of oil because on average our food travels 1200 miles from pasture to plate.

Did you know your food causes that much environmental damage?

Begin to think about where your food is coming from and who it is affecting. Start a garden. Shop locally. Eat Locally.

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