Summertime, and the living is easy.

I keep losing this recipe so I decided to post it here mainly so it would be easy for me to find in the future but also because I wanted to share the recipe because I LOVE these ribs. I know, I know, ribs are totally unheathly, the fat content is so high, blah blah blah. Ribs are definitely a ‘rarely’ food for me, but when I have them, I want them done right!

I really liked one reviewer’s suggestion to add brown sugar, crushed pineapple and Jack Daniels to the marinade and then once the ribs have been sufficiently basted, cooking the marinade down to make a sticky dipping sauce. Yum! That same reviewer also suggested cooking the ribs for 5 hrs at around 275 – 300 degrees to help make the meat a bit more ‘fall off the bones’ tender. I’ll definitely be trying that.

Chinese Hawaiian BBQ Ribs

Recipe for Chinese-Hawaiian “Barbecued” Ribs

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