Power Saver Volunteer

Ok, seriously Austin people, read this article and tell me why you wouldn’t sign up to be a Power Saver Volunteer. With the cost of energy being what it is and the City of Austin providing us all the opportunity to help cut down on energy costs, these couple of things that they are asking you to do aren’t inconveinent.

You can choose whether they contact you by e-mail, phone or even cell phone texting and when they contact you (which could be up to 10 times during the whole summer), they will ask you to take four simple actions to use less electricity between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm:

  • Switch off unnecessary lights
  • Delay washing and drying dishes and clothes
  • Cook dinner in your microwave oven, rather than with an electric range
  • Turn up the AC thermostat by two to three degrees
  • And it’s free! And once you’ve signed up they send you weather stripping, outlet sealers, two compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and an energy saver nightlight. Sign up now!


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