Unfinished Art (Limited Edition) EP

So my friend Pahl told me about Amber Rubarth so I bought the Unfinished Art EP to test out whether or not I liked her. I must say, thank you Pahl for telling me about her. Apparently she is billed as ‘intelligent folk’ and I would have to agree. What I’ve listened to so far is very honest and enjoyable. I am drawn to music like hers. The overall feel is mellow, folksy, acoustic and calm, with conversational lyrics.

I may just buy her other two CDs, New Green Lines and Something New. Has anyone heard either of these albums?  

So, I think I will start posting one music review a week – I let myself buy one new CD a week so I’ll post on here to let everyone know what I’m listening to and what I think of it! I may post a couple soon just to catch up on the albums I’ve bought recently. Suggestions of new music are always welcome.

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