Amos Lee:: Last Days at the Lodge

So my initial thought after just listening to a couple of songs on Amos Lee’s new CD is that it’s much more . . . hmm . . . seductive (?) than his last two CDs. But that may just because the first few songs are about his relationships with women. Thinking back, his other two CD usually have quite a few romance based songs (which is not a BAD thing by any means, I just usually don’t go looking for romance based CD).

The subject matter deepens on a few of the songs. I particularly enjoy Kid, Street Corner Preacher and Better Days. There is a lot of meaning and interesting subject matter discussed through song (which is sometimes my favorite way to hear hard issues dealt with). 

Overall, I really do enjoy this CD – it’s good working music as it’s a bit of a folksy, bluesy mix of slow and fast songs. I recommend it.

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