Willoughby:: I Know What You’re Up To

So, the Relevant podcast has a definite influence on the music I get exposed to. I bought this album after they played Frankenstein on the podcast (which is probably my favorite song on the album).

I am reminded of a cross between the Beatles (it helps that ‘Losing You’ is a John Lennon cover) and Bright Eyes (with a touch of Radiohead thrown in for good measure). The music is great for working to, very mellow, slightly retro (with electronic details), heavily British and fun. I do have to warn you, if you don’t like slightly depressing music, this album is not for you. There are not a whole lot of up beat, peppy songs to jam to. This album is a bit more pensive and slightly down. I tend to like music like that, so this album suits me very well. Check it out, maybe you’ll enjoy it too!

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