The Dark Knight

We have been waiting a long time for this one. Since Batman Begins actually. And on Saturday, along with a group of my coworkers and friends, we saw it at the IMAX.

Go see it. See it at the IMAX if you can. The several IMAX scenes are sweeping, dark and beautiful – typically vast views of the city, with a tiny Batman figure in the corner, appearing as the guardian of Gotham.

I think I’ve told y’all before that Jason and I don’t typically agree on movies unless they’re comic book movies or documentaries (like ‘Supersize Me’ or ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’). We just have different taste in movies. 🙂 This movie was loud, action packed, dramatic, suspenseful, clever and fast. Somehow, that all of that added up to a fantastic movie.

I was really impressed with how dark the story was. It lacked much of the cartoon feeling that the early Batman movies embodied. Heath Ledger’s Joker was creepy and heartless and Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman was tormented and valiant, just as the Joker and Batman should be. I think what thrilled me the most (and truly reveals my inner dorkiness) was the slight references to the other super villains in the traditional Batman comics. There were several things that surprised me about the movie but to discuss them would be to reveal too much.

The question I really want answered is which super villain is up next for the next Batman movie? Who do you think is next?

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  1. elliek
    Posted July 30, 2008 at 9:28 am | Permalink | Reply

    I think I’ve only heard great things about this movie…Jeremy definately need to go see it!

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