Austin Land and Cattle


Jason and I decided that we would take advantage of restaurant week again on Friday night and try out Austin Land and Cattle. I don’t even know where to begin. First off, I felt the decor of the restaurant needed some severe updating. Even if it wants to be kitsch, it still needs updating. Don’t even get me started on how odd the bathrooms were.

On to the food, the portions were huge (which wasn’t really a good thing) and it seemed that the dishes weren’t as thought out as I would have liked. For our appetizer, Jason had the Buffalo Lamb Lollypops with blue cheese sauce, which were pretty tasty although the buffalo sauce overwhelmed the mild taste of the lamb. I had the seared ahi tuna. The presentation was odd (as it was served on a bed of cooked salad, the same cooked salad that was served under Jason’s lamb chops), it was under seasoned, and just ok. For our entrees. . . Jason had the Texas Broil with au Jus. It was all right, a little under seasoned and oddly seasoned with cilantro. I had the Wild Atlantic Salmon with a Tomato Basil sauce. First off, it was over cooked. The sauce did not really complement the salmon at all and it looked pretty unappetizing (along with the wilted basil garnish). And to top it all off, both our plates had enough spinach, carrots and mashed potatoes to serve 2-4 more people. I felt a bit like I was being served cafeteria food.

Seriously, I am baffled – all of the reviews of the restaurant are glowing. Did they just serve below par food for the restaurant week menu? Restaurant week is a prime opportunity to get new customers in the door – wouldn’t you want to bring your A game? I don’t know. All I know is I will not be returning.

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