Portland, Oregon, here we come!

So Jason and I just booked a vacation to Portland Oregon. We’ve been talking and talking about going on a ‘just the two of us’ vacation all year. Neither one of us could be decisive. We both have wanted to go to Portland for a long time – it’s supposed to be a city of the same spirit of Austin, but with the influence of a different region of the country. Well, Thursday afternoon we did it, we found a cheap flight and a cheap hotel and just booked it. Just like that. With no prior discussion. Done.

Well, I wanted to begin planning out our trip since it’s only 3 weeks away. I really love google maps and I wish that they had a trip planning function. Since they don’t I searched for something that would help me map out our trip. I found this website called www.triphub.com. It is geared towards rallying large groups of people so that everyone knows what is going on, much like evite for large traveling groups. But it works for me because it sites our hotel and then locates and schedules the different events that we want to do while we’re in Portland. It’s pretty much awesome.

So, what are we going to do in Portland? Well we would love some suggestions from those of you that are from that area or have visited before.

Currently our trip includes:

Restaurants: Toro Bravo, Clyde Commons, Bridgeport Brewery, Rogue Ales Brewery, Typhoon Thai, Voodoo Doughnuts, Stumptown Coffee,
Destinations: Pittock Mansion, International Rose Test Garden, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Chinese Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Powell’s City of Books, Saturday Market, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland Art Museum
Beautiful Scenery: Astoria, Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Multnomah Falls

I’m making this list on a compilation of Trip Advisor’s recommendations and recommendations from friends on the Relevant Magazine forums. Seriously, if anyone thinks some of these ideas are lame, or that there are better options, PLEASE let me know!


  1. Posted August 17, 2008 at 11:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

    i just got back from Washington State. Make sure to looks through my pics when ya’ll come in town, I’ll fill you in on the amazing places I went and see if you can’t make it up there for at least one place that I now consider the most magical place on earth I’ve yet to see. plus gt some photo tips. -jonny

  2. Posted August 18, 2008 at 8:24 am | Permalink | Reply

    I have always wanted to go to Portland…and Seattle. I have never made it to the Northwest though…I will be interested in hearing about your trip when you get back!

  3. elliek
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    I’m so excited (and jealous) that you’re going to Portland! Cannon Beach is one of my favorite things to do while I’m there. It’s what I thought beaches were when I was growing up – jeans and sweatshirts, little shops, clam chowder, seashells…it will probably take most of the day since it’s a little bit of a drive to get there, but I love going! We go almost everytime we are there.

    Also, here’s a link from a blogger who lives in Portland http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/portland_and_oregon/index.html

    So many great coffee shops and fun littly stores, beautiful parks…I’ll talk to my family who lives there and see if I can get any more suggestions.

  4. Elizabeth
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    Thanks Jonny! I hope that the place you’re talking about is one of the places we’re planning on driving out to. We will only have one day with a car so we’re going to try and cram as much in that day as possible!

    Ellie, I’m glad to hear good things about Cannon Beach – it looks gorgeous from the pictures I’ve seen. Ethereal and surreal in the fog and large rock formations off the coast. 🙂 Thanks for passing on Posie’s blog – I’ll check it out!

  5. cooperella
    Posted August 18, 2008 at 12:25 pm | Permalink | Reply

    yay!! we’re going to be in portland aug 31 – sep 2 – i can’t wait either! when I asked her for recommendations, melissa had only two words: “voodoo donuts” – it must be a good spot! 🙂

  6. Elizabeth
    Posted August 18, 2008 at 12:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, that’s been our general response too. This Voodoo Doughnuts places must be something spectacular! I think we’re going to eat there before heading to the Saturday market. . . We will just miss you guys in Portland – we’re going from Sept 4th – 8th.

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