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In all reality, I don’t listen to much Christian music. I got burnt out with it when I was in high school and the church was telling me that was all I was allowed to listen to. Additionally, I think it’s silly to have a separate genre of ‘Christian’ music. We all experience similar things in life, and a search for faith is usually one that most go through. When someone sets out to write ‘Christian’ music, sometimes it feels forced and unauthentic. Generally, I feel like this about the majority of ‘Christian’ music. Granted, I still listen to Derek Webb, but somehow he’s different because of how raw and honest he is.

So it was odd that I felt drawn to listen to Brooke Fraser. She’s a Christian artist from New Zealand. I think I initially heard her on the Relevant podcast and her sound reminded me of Ginny Owens (who I still enjoy a lot because of her authenticity) so I thought I’d look her up. Turns out, I like her music a lot.  Shadowfeet and Hymn are my favorites on this album but most of the songs are very good and worth listening to. I can’t say this will become my favorite album of all time, but it’s enjoyable and uplifting and sometimes I need that more than anything else during the work week. 🙂 Good album and I’m glad I bought it!


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    She’s awesome. She also is a worship leader with Hillsong United. If you’ve heard Hosanna, Lead Me To The Cross and None But Jesus, those are songs she wrote and leads on their albums.

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    i like our point about christian music having it’s own genre. they don’t have a “love genre”. music about the subject comes in all forms.

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    *your point

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