Imperia Asian Restaurant – Happy Hour

So Jason and I were both craving sushi last night so we decided to take advantage of the happy hour at Imperia that has 2 for 1 sushi. The sushi chef informed us that the sushi portion of the restaurant has only been open for a month and a half and it seems like they’ve done a great job with it. We only ate nigiri sushi – yellow tail, escolar and unagi, all very fresh – and a few of their Dim Sum offerings – the Sea Bass, Spicy Thai Chile Shrimp and Buttery Edamame Potstickers (which were $5 a piece).  Their drinks were delicious as well (and only $5 a piece). I had a Green Tea Martini and Jason had a drink that I can’t remember it’s name. Something something Pearl – it was vodka and unfiltered sake with tapioca pearls in it.  They were both unique and delicious, not too sweet, which I find is often the case with specialty martinis. Our happy hour experience would definitely lead us to going back and dining off the regular menu. The ambiance was great – surprisingly unstuffy and not stuck up at all (although there was a Young Business Men’s gathering happening at the bar which surprised me when Jason and I walked in to a restaurant full of young men in blazers!). The staff was friendly and helpful and their suggestions were appreciated. Overall, I highly recommend trying this new restaurant in the Warehouse District – you won’t be disappointed!

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