Happy Labor Day Y’all!

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable labor day! I love having a day off – I’m getting bunches done today that I’ve been wanting to tackle for awhile! Hopefully I can get it all done before we leave for Portland!

So there’s been a big project going on that has been taking up most of my creative energy for the past week or so. This has been a really good thing since my sewing machine is STILL in the shop getting repaired. 😦 So this project has been keeping my creativity running. . .  I’ll reveal the project soon enough . . . I promise.

It the mean time, I thought I would share a piece of the project that I enjoyed coming up with a lot! I got the idea from here and here and although I didn’t have the time to make my own stamps (although that is something I will certainly investigate in the future) I am pretty happy with the way this fabric stamping turned out. I used chocolate brown fabric paint and a brayer (from my past days of linoleum printing) to apply the paint to the stamp.

Much credit is also due to the girls that helped me finish stamping 20 yards of this muslin (which I got for $14!! I love Labor Day sales!) so THANK YOU to the girls who really did all the work on this. The design couldn’t have been realized without all your hard work!

What was 20 yards of stamped fabric good for? Stay tuned. . .

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