Individual Butter Cakes With Honeyed Pears

Oops. Sorry if you saw this post a little early. The WordPress interface didn’t quite understand that when I hit publish, I wanted it to publish Thursday morning!

I love seasonal desserts. Well, really, I just love dessert in general, but this time I will claim that it is just the seasonal dessert that I love. 🙂 These were very delicious – they had sauteed, honeyed pears tucked into the middle so it was almost like having a little pie. Now you’re actually supposed to remove the cake from the ramekins but mine were not being cooperative so they got served still in the containers. So if you follow the recipe, the cake would be served almost like an upside down cake (and it would have served 8, but I split the recipe so it would serve 4) . . . but oh well – it still tasted yummy!

Recipe for Individual Butter Cakes With Honeyed Pears

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    Mmmmm, yum!

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