A Crafty Day Off – Part 1

Mom, if you’re reading this, you should stop now, unless you want the surprise of your Christmas gift to be ruined. . . 🙂 Come back after Christmas!

I took Monday and Tuesday of this week off to finish up some Christmas crafting and I FINALLY finished these potholders that I made for my Mom’s Christmas gift to match the apron I finished a long time ago. The pattern is from In Stitches and.  . . I don’t think I will make these again. Ever. They were not so much difficult, just. . . monotonous? Quilting just isn’t for me. I don’t know. Ellie? How would you describe your experience with these?

I also finished a couple no knit scarves as Christmas presents for some friends. I think I may still have a couple more to complete, but I really like the colors of these all together. 🙂

The most exciting thing that I finished was the Diana Hobo Purse! I designed and created the pattern for this bag. I’m thinking I’m going to post the pattern for free on my blog here shortly. Would anyone commit to making one to let me know how the instructions and pattern translates from my brain to the general public?

I was so happy with the way it turned out! I made it for my cousin, Diana, who asked me to make her a hobo bag for Christmas (specifically, she asked for this one). I asked if I could design her one of my own creation, thereby making it much more exciting for me to sew! So, ta-da! I made this and designed this myself! I’m not sure that it actually qualifies as being a ‘hobo’ bag, but that’s what I’m going to call it. I think the size of the purse is really usable, and the way it sits on your shoulder and under your arm – I couldn’t have asked for it to work better! Now, there are a couple things I know to do different next time, but it was user error more than pattern error. 🙂


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    I’d love to make one, but I can’t guarantee that it would be anytime soon, with all of the Christmas stuff going on (unless we have another craft day, of course!). I’m tutoring over the break also, but I could probably make it around the week of Christmas, since I won’t be tutoring then!

  2. elliek
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    As for the potholders – probably most frustrating and least satisfying project I’ve done (and I haven’t even finished them!). They are so deceptive! You think they’re going to be easy but they might actually kill you.

    I would be happy to be a pattern tester for you! I actualy think I might have the perfect fabric for it! I loved how it turned out!

    Such a wonderfully fun day! We should do it more often!

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    Agreed on the monotonousness of sewing the potholders…I think if you did stripes or some other pattern of quilting it wouldn’t be sooooo bad, but the criss cross pattern just SUCKS!!

    I will always sew for you as I know I will have some things I might want you to sew up too!! 🙂

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    I think there should be a crafty day at least once a month!!

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    I lovvvveeee the hobo bag. SO cute. What fabric is that? And the scarves look GREAT too! I wish I was quicker at doing it…and could make more for people. Dangit. Lol.

  7. Elizabeth
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    Ladies, I agree- crafty day once a month would be awesome! Think of how much we could get done!

    Glad to know y’all will try out the patterns for me. I’ll work on getting the hobo pattern into pdf format with instructions and I’ll post it here shortly. . . I finished up another bag that I created the pattern for yesterday. . . but I think it may have been a failure. 😦

    Claire, the Fabric on the Diana Hobo is Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party in Tablecloth Ice!

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    Hey – that is a great looking bag. Can’t wait for the pattern.

    Also – congrats on the baby news. Cherish every moment.

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    I am definitely interested in making this bag! in fact I was searching the internet for patterns of a bag very similar to this and i fell in love when i saw your picture!!!
    Can’t wait to tackle the pattern!!!

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