The Most Ridiculous Saturday Night Ever – Part 1

Some part of me has always wanted a surprise party (most likely, that part is the vain part of me 🙂 ). The other part of me knew that my birthday fell during the season of endless Christmas parties and busy-ness, so I resigned myself to celebrate my birthday with Jason and my family instead of ever having some large soiree where friends and family could be present. Boy was I ever wrong. I just happen to have the best husband, friends and family ever.

I will elaborate more on the specifics events of the night later on in the week as I get pictures from Jonny. Seriously though, I was completely overwhelmed with the huge amount of thought that went into this event. So. Much. Planning. Thank you to everyone who participated and drove in from out of town. You are one of the main reasons my life is blessed.

Right now, the only picture I have is of the specifically unrequested gifts of the evening (although unrequested, still so appreciated). 🙂 Seriously, my friends outdid themselves. There were several exceptionally made hand made items on the left side of the picture. Starting at the bottom left, there are three items that Gayla made me, two crocheted necklaces, precious little knitted baby booties and a hand sewn felt bag! Ellie completely outdid herself. She made me a Weekender Bag. Now, I watched her make the first weekender bag back earlier this year and it seemed like quite the task – so many layers, piping, pockets, zippers!! I always told her that I would never embark on a project like that because I don’t have the endurance to finish up such a complicated and beautiful pattern. Well, now I get to enjoy this amazing bag without ever having to make it myself. Thank you Ellie, I know how much thought, time, frustration and love went into making this bag for me! It will be well loved and well used!

The rest of what you see is a variety of gifts given to me by a variety of people that I love dearly (I’d go through them individually but I’m already thinking that this post about gifts I received is getting a little long) – reusable bags, tea, canvases, Kiehl’s Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser and lotion (yay!), a ‘pregnancy craving kit’ full of sweet, salty, tangy and sour treats, a tiger ‘adoption’ in my name, and a couple of things I forgot to put in the picture because I had already put them up! My mom got me a couple of figurines from Willow Tree to represent the stage of life that I am in now (birthday and pregnant).  Thank you to everyone for the special gifts (there will be personalized thank yous in the mail too!) and thank you even if you didn’t get me a gift but were a part of such a sweet party. It was a great surprise and just a fantastic evening.


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    YAY!! I am so glad that you enjoyed the party…it was a great night! Your face definitely portrayed your surprise when you walked in!!Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday.

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