Ben Folds: Way to Normal

waytonormal I think you know a CD is good when all of the songs on it seem to get stuck in your head everyday, even without listening to the CD that day. Now, me and Ben Folds, we have a long history. I think he is a genius and it all started with the album, Whatever and Ever Amen (most people only have heard of the song ‘Brick’ which is  a good song, but there are better on the album). I still adore that album. Ben Folds is quirky, strange, crass and maybe not for everyone but he is also clever, humorous and musically intriguing. This CD seems to rebound in the humor department after Songs for Silvermen, which I still think is a good CD, just not as funny as his albums in the part.

What cracks me up about this album is that the band actually leaked a fake version of the album just because they were bored one night in Dublin while on tour. Kinda ridiculous, don’t you think? I think it says something about the musical talent of the band that they can just whip up a few songs to leak to the public in one evening (and a fake album cover!). All that to say, I enjoy all of the songs on this album, I enjoy how quirky and upbeat the overall album is, and I certainly appreciate the cleverness and thought that went into the album. If you’re a fan of any of Ben Folds music, this is certainly a CD to add to your collection.

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