Buttery Cornbread

One night recently I had a craving for cornbread. I know, crazy pregnant woman with her weird cravings. So I decided I had almost everything I needed to make it at home, minus the buttermilk and almost every recipe I found had buttermilk in it! Turns out you can add lemon juice to milk and that makes ‘mock’ buttermilk. So I made cornbread and decided to make them into mini muffins instead of a whole pan. And they were good. I could have eaten the whole pan. Although I think if I make them again I would have added more sugar  because I like sweet cornbread . . . Hm. Now I want some more cornbread.

Recipe for Buttery Cornbread


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    I made Cornbread last night, and was just thinking I needed to post and get others recipes. Thanks! You read my mind.

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    I love cornbread! I actually made it a couple of weeks ago! My mom used to do the lemon juice and milk to substitute for buttermilk while we lived in Mexico!

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