Happy New Years Everyone

Well, it’s 2009. Can’t believe it’s already here! Happy New Year to everyone!

Resolutions, the dreaded word. . . There are a few that I have for this upcoming year:

  • Replace my conventional household cleaners with healthier and cheaper homemade cleaners
  • Reduce eating out even further and focus on healthy home cooked meals (incorporating a few more meatless meal nights)
  • Reduce spending habits/truly understand what my money is voting for and make informed decisions about what my money is going towards
  • Prepare for having a child by fulling enjoying these precious last few months with Jason and enjoying the gift of our relationship (all the while anticipating how our relationship/love will grow and change when we do have a child)
  • Less TV and more reading
  • Spend more time in prayer
  • Create and post some free sewing patterns on the blog (they’re in progress, I promise!)!

Well, those are a few of mine – what are you resolving to do in 2009 (and you can’t say exercise, because really, that’s everyone resolution whether they say it or not!)?


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    Area my resolutions.

  2. Sharon Kaffaga
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    I’ve been practicing most of yours for a while now but my family won’t read more and I find that there are fewer shows on T.V. that I like at all. I could spend more time *reading the bible,
    *learn to swim so that Jeb and I can do that together,
    *drive more with Jason so that he is better on the road,
    *find more organizations to volunteer at

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