4 Months

I know I haven’t said much about being pregnant on here for awhile and that’s mainly because I don’t want to be annoying about it. But then I realized, hey, this is MY blog, if I want to post updates about being pregnant, I can! So yeah, I’m showing, and it’s pretty strange. Definitely makes the pregnancy seem real. How weird is this:

We had good intentions of taking pictures every two weeks and doing a time lapse but it just hasn’t happened. So maybe pictures every month. Overall, I still feel good (well as good as you can feel when your insides are being smooshed up in places where they don’t normally reside), still pretty tired, but any food aversions I had in the first couple months are gone. It’s nice to be able to eat eggs, meat and salads again. Everyone seems to want to know if I have cravings but I really haven’t felt any. Although I have been drinking absurd amounts of milk. Maybe that’s my craving, who knows.

I am a bit curious about these women that ‘love being pregnant’. This is definitely a state that I am glad to be in only temporarily as feeling full and hungry at the same time, sleeping on a speed bump and not being able to eat sushi are not high on my list of favorite things. This isn’t to say that I’m not excited about the end result, just that although my pregnancy has been quite easy, it’s still not an ideal feeling state that I feel like I could be in indefinitely. I am proud to say that one of the exciting things I learned from my OB/GYN is that I can indeed drink wine while I’m pregnant. I get my one glass a week and it definitely makes giving up sushi a little easier to handle.

All that being said, I’m curious to hear from you moms out there (or friends of moms) about what item has been the most helpful in your life as a parent. We are intent on spending very little money and buying very little with this upcoming bundle of joy and I don’t want to register for things that are unnecessary (or that I can inherit and recycle from friends). What has been the most unnecessary thing that you received/registered for?


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    I was really surprised at how much you changed from our sewing day to when we went to the Etsy thing…and even more in this picture!! I had to think about how far along you were and was like – wow – she is really showing now! 🙂 Exciting!

  2. Beth erickson
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    WOW!I didn’t know you have a baby on the way! Thats awesome. Well,you look great and I totally understand what you mean by saying its not your most favorite feeling ever. Honestly,I hated being prego because I was huge and everything was just outta wack. But the end result was pretty cool. Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most amazing things you could experience.

    So…onto the things that you cannot live without. I have to say,I’m not much of a reader and never have been. So I had friends throwing me books left and right and I’m thinking “ookkaayyy never gonna read any of THOSE books…BORING” lol. BUT,once I had Emma and was listening to her cry for who knows what reason since she had been fed,diaper changed and totally fine,I just couldn’t understand what the deal was. PLUS,being up what seemed to be all night every night,wasn’t fun because I LOVE my sleep. So I said to Jay “I gotta read some of those books cause this just isn’t working. Best choice I have ever made. Two books out of all the books people will give you or tell you about,these are the ones you have to read…no joke. I know parents who still let their kids sleep in their bed or have to lay down with them everynight to get them to go to sleep.That is no good and I was totally miserable until I decided to give those dumb books a try. When I read them Emma was probably 4 weeks old.

    SO… The first one(and I would HIGHLY recomend that you read over these a few times before your baby is here)

    On Becoming Baby Wise(Saved my life) Its all about getting your baby on a schedule RIGHT AWAY.There is alot of controversy over this book but I just now that Emma seemed happy,she knew what to expect,dhe knew when she got to eat,sleep etc..etc.

    To Train Up A Child.

    Good stuff! So thats it.I hope you can give them a chance and try them for yourself. Blessing to you and your family!

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    oh you are totally adorable! this is just so exciting!

  4. Kathy
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    Congrats Beth I found out about your pregnancy recently but haven’t had much time between a huge deadline coming up and my little boy. He is now 14 months old. I will send you pictures so you can see him, he has grown soo much. In your blog you asked what was the most unnecessary gift we got or we registered for. Well after being a mom for about 2 years I just can tell you what are the little gifts in a day that the babies enjoy the most: lots of hugs from mommy and daddy, belly time, songs-lots of singing, boxes and paper, bubble wraps and listening to your heart beat when you hug him/her tight.

    Being a mom is the greatest thing that happened to me but it also changed my world, while I was pregnant and even after. It is scary to know that this little piece of you loves you unconditionally no matter what. He/she will change your life forever. I adore my boy and wouldn’t change a thing he is our life and we adore him.

    I hope we can have lunch soon at chat. I love reading your blog it is great how crafty you are.

    Take care, drink a lot of water and walk, do yoga it helped me with my back so much.

    Congrats dear!!!

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    OH how lovely you are expecting 🙂
    you look gorgeous and try and enjoy the pregnancy its an amazing feeling especially when the baby starts to move.

    The one thing i advise all expecting mums is to try and have your baby on a routine. This book made me love babies lol because i tell you they can be very hard to figure out sometimes.
    I blogged about it http://dailydoseofme.wordpress.com/2008/10/23/joys-of-motherhood/

    Hope it helps


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    You’re a lovely pregnant woman! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. I’m not a euphoric preggo, either. 🙂

    Anyway, for things you can and can’t live without. I think it comes down to your philosophy of parenting (cosleeping? Exclusively breastfeeding? Baby wearing?). Now, we weren’t planning on cosleeping with E, but she decided for us that she was not sleeping anywhere else for the first four months. So… flexibility is key. 🙂

    Since I am planning on returning to work after baby is born, a good, electric pump is essential. And I hated pumping with Eden, and since I was at home, I hardly ever used it, but now I’ll have to.

    Blue Cross covers the cost of the Medela pump. We got ours for free from them.

    2. Good, BPA free bottles are also essential. I’m thinking Born Free for ours?

    3. Sling/good baby carrier. I didn’t have this for E, but with #2, I’m gonna need as much hands free as possible.

    4. Lots of cloth dipes/wipes/covers.

    5. We didn’t have a good swing, and I wish that we had gotten one. Again, good thing to get on Craigslist.

    Don’t need:

    1. Those play gym things. I never had one, and never want one. If you do want one, garage sales/thrift stores are the place.

    2. Bumbos.

    3. The exersaucer. Get it used.

    4. Bassinet. A pack n play is a little more practical if you’re not co-sleeping, since it’ll last a lot longer.

    5. Anything Baby Einstein. There’s no research to prove that it helps baby, so it’s just a marketing gimmick in my opinion. 🙂

    Wow. Sorry that was so long… hopefully it’s helpful?

  7. Elizabeth
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    Thanks everyone! The help is much appreciated!

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    You are so beautiful!!!

    I wish I looked that pretty preggo.

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    Oh, things that were most helpful.

    A sling or Mei Tai– WONDERFUL for having free hands.

    Cloth Diapers. (Not your Moms kind)

    Cloth wipes.


    Breast pads, postpartum cloth momma pads, nursing bras.

    Swing- Bailey loved his, but Dalton never used it.

    Things I had that NEVER were used. Wasted money!

    Pack N Play
    High Chair
    Johnny Jump Up
    Bouncy Seat

  10. Elizabeth
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    You are way too kind Alana – most of the time I feel like a whale and like I’m falling apart at the seams!

  11. Kristin Kailing
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    You can have our bassinet, swing, floor bouncer, stroller, pack and play, and anythin else Grace is grown out of by the time you have your baby!

    2.Some things you might consider making…Bibs lots and lots of bibs. You’ll need them when the baby spits up a lot in the begining and when they grow out oft hat you need them when they start solids. Then when they get good at that you’ll need them when their teeth come in and they do nothing but droool. ik! 🙂
    2.Recieving blankets in the begining they need to be wrapped pretty tight like barrito and “Recieving blankets,” are the perfect size.
    3.Burp cloths…you only really need these for the first 6 months.
    Those are some fun things you might want to look into how to make…
    4. One thing I really appreciated having is a changing table but you don’t need it, if your not particular on where you change your baby
    I’ll let you know if I think of anything else!

  12. Sharon Kaffaga
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    Oh beth, I really love that I finally found someone that I can relate to in everyway! It’s been years since we had little ones and lots have changed especially in the eco world. Your baby will stay in a crib for a short time…so definately borrow one. If you are going to spend money buy a really great stroller that you go walking with on every surface. I love those slings and wish they were around for me 17 years ago. Buying BPA free bottles a must!!! I saw eco diapers at HEB. I love it. Baby room decor? I don’t get it. They baby doesn’t know. High chairs take up room, get the one that you strap on to the chair and folds down to take anywhere.
    Check out idealbite.com for eco mom/baby tips.

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