exterior-480This post is a little behind since we ate here for New Years but it’s not even the 10th of January yet, so it still can apply! We visited Sagra for our New Years dinner because they had a special New Years menu that was fixed price and sounded very delicious. It was certainly one of the cheaper places in town to have a nice meal for the evening. So we made our reservations and headed over there for their 6pm seating of New Years. I loved the atmosphere of this little restaurant but it’s located in sort of an odd spot in town, across from a UT parking garage with no other restaurants in site. Well, our hopes were high for this dinner as I’d heard and read good things about the restaurant but we came away a little disappointed. Nothing was bad, but I wouldn’t say anything was incredible either.

We started with a Porcini Cappuccino – a warming mushroom soup with truffle foam. I thought the concept was cute but the flavor and texture was a bit lacking – I think I would have liked a richer soup since it was such a small serving. For the next course, we had Onano Lentils with lamb merguez (sausage) which is a traditional Italian New Years dish and an Antipasti platter of cured salmon, caviar, capers, egg, flatbread and marinated fennel salad. I really enjoyed the lentils, having never heard of this Italian tradition before but I couldn’t eat the Antipasti since the salmon was not cooked. 😦 Jason seemed to enjoy it though. Our ‘primi’ course was Caramelle a la Foie Gras with caramelized shallots, apple cider demi glace – which was a savory pasta ‘candy’ filled with foie gras, and a Black Truffle Agnoloti with crispy asparagus and Champagne cream – which was very similar to a ravioli. Both were pretty tasty, but not showstopping. For our ‘secondi’ course, I had the Hazelnut Crusted Rack of Lamb with Spinach and Potato Gratin, Roasted Tomato and Barolo sauce which was delicious (and I love lamb!) and probably the highlight of the meal. Jason had Olive Oil Poached Prawns with Crab and Leek Risotto, Orange Gremolata and Lemon Chive Broth which was an interesting experience because the prawns came out whole, with their heads still on! (Apparently the head is the tastiest part though.) I think Jason enjoyed his dinner, although we both agreed that the taste of the risotto was a bit odd. Both desserts were good but not outstanding – I had a Tuaca Sfmorta (Italian orange liquor souffle) and Jason had the Chocolate Hazelnut Bombe with Tahitian vanilla custard sauce. All in all, it wasn’t quite the meal I was expecting but we enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been surprised by my lack of enthusiasm, so it may be that we’ll have to try this restaurant again, sometime in the future, when it’s not a fixed price menu. 🙂

I think our favorite part of the evening at the restaurant was the jazz quartet that entertained us for the time that we were there. The singer was apparently a hostess on staff and they decided to let her be the entertainment for New Years. I think they should keep inviting her back to sing because her voice was a perfect compliment for a nice evening any night of the year.


  1. jownby
    Posted January 9, 2009 at 2:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh – that souffle sounds wonderful!

  2. Posted January 9, 2009 at 5:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

    tell me my dear, what is “Hazelnut Crusted Rack of Lamp” ?

  3. Elizabeth
    Posted January 10, 2009 at 12:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Jessica – the souffle was pretty tasty, I’d never had a none chocolate souffle before.

    Lexie – sometimes my fingers complete a word as they want to type them, not as my brain intends. I’ll fix it. 🙂

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