coraline-comiccon So, in the spirit of the Nightmare Before Christmas, I convinced Jason to go with me to see the new movie, Coraline. I actually was unaware of the movie/book until shortly before our viewing, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I figured that with the voices of Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher and director Henry Selick (not Tim Burton as so many think!), of  Nightmare Before Christmas, it should be a pretty decent movie. I think I may have set my expectations too high. . . But really, I enjoyed the movie, just may have come at it thinking it was going to be something that it was not. I definitely do not think that this movie, although rated PG, is completely kid friendly – it is quite the dark fairytale. There were some particularly disturbing images, particularly in Coraline’s alternate world and most involving her two female neighbors (why oh why were they wearing those costumes?).

It all starts when Coraline is shrugged off by her too-busy parents and finds a miniature door that leads to another world, where her devoted ‘other mother’ and ‘other father’ and their button eyes seem to replicate paradise for her (albeit, an unsettling paradise). Everything is more glitzy and fun in this new world, more than she could wish for it to be and she’s never bored. She’s almost ready to stay there for good when the reality of this too good to be true world sets in. Her ‘other mother’ wants her to stay there for good, and trade in her eyes for buttons. What once was a dream come true turns into a nightmare that Coraline can’t escape from. Coraline must rely on her smarts and talents to escape, rescue some other children and save her family.

I would like to read the book, because I feel like I had some questions about the plot and some of the ways the movie was wrapped up that were probably addressed there (anyone here in Austin have it that would let me borrow it?). Overall, this film is pretty impressive – the stop motion animation is pretty incredible.  Definitely worth a trip to the theater (and now I wish I had seen it in 3D!).


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    Interesting…I think Amanda recently read this book.

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    Yep — I read it a couple of weeks ago b/c I wanted to see the movie too…but I like to read the books before usually. 🙂 It is a short read since it is a kid’s chapter book in essence. I will try to remember to bring it to book club for you. I am still wanting to go and see this movie…I was thinking of treating myself to a matinee since I don’t think J would want to see it.

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    Oh I forgot to say that this is the coolest part of how they made the movie — check this out:

  4. Elizabeth
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    Oh my gosh. That’s amazing! That lady has some incredible patience.

    That just made the movie more unreal.

  5. kaylebug
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    I have been waiting for your review on this movie because I had never heard of it until I saw an ad for it. I read some reviews and from what I read, it seemed like people enjoyed the movie. However the ad didn’t really catch me, but Nightmare Before Christmas was amazing, so I figured this had to be good as well. After hearing your review, I think it’s worth seeing. I didn’t want to go see it, and feel like I wasted my money.

  6. sharon
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    I can’t believe you went without me!!!! I love movies…so we have to get into the habit of going to movies together. Come with me to see one soon…preferably before you get huge and uncomfortable.

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