Austin Restaurant Week: Parkside

Bon Appetit referenced it as one of the New American Taverns. The Statesmen wrote it up as having one of the best happy hours in the city. Recalling reading about it on both accounts, we decided that Parkside would be one of the restaurants for us to visit during Austin’s Restaurant Week. We were not disappointed. We went with another couple and had the opportunity to taste everything on the restaurant week menu. Everything was delicious! The atmosphere was eclectic, fun and laid back with it’s exposed brick work, high exposed ceilings, and industrial vibe. Although we didn’t have any wine on this visit, I was amused at their labeling in their wine menu: Good Cabernet, Better Cabernet . . . Good Chardonnay, Better Chardonnay. Pretty amusing if you ask me!

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When I’m not pregnant, I’d like to go again to try out their raw bar – Jason said the selection he received was outstanding and I certainly have a soft spot in my heart for good quality raw fish. He had raw salmon with a pineapple jalapeno salsa, another raw fish with a sauce (which I can’t remember, oops) and a raw oyster from Canada? Yum. I had the Charcuterie Tasting for my first course, which consisted of foie gras, pâté and a nice sausage that is made in house. Very decadent. The calamari was nice too, not oily as it frequently is.

For the main course, I had the Flounder with Capers and Currents and it was perfect. Nice, light and buttery with those sweet and briny accents. The Ricotta Ravioli was light and it was obvious that the ricotta was so fresh because it was especially delicious. The Braised Chicken reminded me of Coq au Vin, but only briefly on the after taste. It was tender and fell apart on the fork, just the way braised chicken should be. The one thing I thought was odd was that none of the main entrees came with a side dish. You had to separately order a side dish, independent of the Restaurant Week menu. I felt that wasn’t quite fair for a $35 fixed price meal. . .

Oh and dessert. Of course, their famous doughnut holes lived up to their reputation, served in a brown paper bag and perfectly hot. The Goat Cheese Cake with Basil Ice Cream and Pine Nut Brittle was excellent – it tasted like goat cheese cheesecake. It reminded me that I need to make some goat cheese ice cream. Soon. And the last dessert was a peanut butter and chocolate mousse with banana ice cream. Not my favorite, but I don’t like banana flavoring. . .

And sorry for the lack of pictures, we were enjoying our company far too much to whisk out a camera to take pictures!

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    Sounds like fun. I remember reading about this in Bon Apetit!

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