Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Chimichurri and Bell Peppers

So when you buy half a cow (even if you distribute among eight other people) you end up with a lot of beef. . . and a lot of the steak pieces are bigger than what you see at the grocery store meat counter. We made a sirloin the other night but the steak was so huge that we had a ton left over (and I thought I picked the smallest steak in our freezer!).

Enter, steak sandwich. Perfect way to utilize the remaining steak (yay for nothing going to waste!). Now typically when I think of a steak sandwich, I think of blue cheese, caramelized onions, maybe some kind of flavored mayo. . . super heavy, no really veggies to speak of (I’m not sure onions can be considered a vegetable once they’ve been sauteed down with butter. . . ).

This recipe is nothing like that. It actually has none of those heavy elements except the steak! The chimichurri sauce reminds me of a Mexican version of pesto. No cheese or nuts involved but plenty of herbs and garlic. I have to say, this sauce was amazing! The grilled bell peppers added a beautiful sweetness to go along side the herbal, slightly spicy sauce . . . all made delicious by the thinly sliced leftover beef. We used small soft sour dough rolls that I toasted on the grill next to the peppers and I thought they were great.

I’m pretty excited that there are leftovers of this one for me to eat for lunch. Really, I think everyone should give this sandwich a try – it’s definitely not your everyday PB&J!

Recipe for Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Chimichurri and Bell Peppers


  1. elliek
    Posted March 9, 2009 at 2:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Looks so tasty!

  2. Posted March 9, 2009 at 3:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Yum, this looks like something Brian would love.

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