Chocolate Raspberry Clafoutis

Somewhere between cakes and custards lies the clafoutis. Traditionally made with cherries (and no chocolate), this one uses raspberries and chocolate (which is a combo I can’t resist). I have to say that this is an interesting dessert. . . it wasn’t very sweet and the texture was unlike anything I expected. It’s not quite, molten brownie, or crème brûlée. . . it’s somewhere in between. It was good, but not my absolute all time favorite. I guess the best part of the recipe is how easy it is to make. You just toss everything except the fruit into your blender, put raspberries in the bottom of the pan (I used thawed frozen raspberries) and pour everything else on top!

If you’re up for trying something new with a likely unfamiliar texture, and you’re interested in the flavors involved, I’d say to go for this recipe!

Hmm, can you tell I’ve been on a dessert kick lately (and there are two more in the queue!)? Can I blame that on the pregnancy (and don’t say that I’m eating for two! I eat all for myself 🙂 kinda . . . )?

Recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Clafoutis

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    Interesting…I’ve always been a little wary of fruit with chocolate but my last several experiences have been pretty good so I think I might need to change my opinion! I’ve totally been craving dessert lately too! (of course I have absolutely no excuse…I just have been in the mood for dessert). Last night wanted something so bad…I had a pre-made pie crust in the fridge and saw that my brother had left two apples behind…I stole them and threw together an apple tart! Add a little ice cream and my craving was satisfied!

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