Austin Restaurant Week: Green Pastures

I’m lagging behind in my restaurant write up! We visited Green Pastures for restaurant week last Tuesday after debating whether or not it was wise for us to spend more money on eating out. I read a restaurant week blog review for Green Pastures and it was all done, we decided we would enjoy life as just the two of us and eat at one last upscale restaurant before baby Jude comes along and makes that an even more rare occurrence than it already is! Green Pastures stuck out to me as one to try on the list of restaurants because their $25 fixed price menu just seemed out of this world. . . not to mention an entree at Green Pastures typically costs well over $25 per person. It just seems like a too good to be true deal. I think we would both say that this was probably the best deal of all the restaurants participating in restaurant week. Not to mention, there were peacocks! And albino ones at that!

I started out with the Tempera Lobster Tail and it was amazing. I’m not sure that I would have ever imagined myself eating fried lobster tail, but it was good. . . but anything fried usually is! Jason had the Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Stuffed Texas Quail and it was good. Not near as spicy as we both felt like it deserved to be, but a solid appetizer just the same. Oh, and let me mention the portions here. . . they were not skimpy at all. (Yeah, we forgot to take pictures of the appetizers – we were . . . distracted.)

For the main course I had the Rainbow Trout with Crawfish and it was very yummy. I loved the way the crawfish raised the decadence of the dish – it made it just a little bit richer and a little bit more complex. The only thing I didn’t understand were the four undercooked baby potatoes. . . they served to elevate the fish fillet for a great presentation but I didn’t really want to eat the other three after eating the first one. Jason had the Cattle Rustler Flat Iron Steak which was covered in an incredible blue cheese and served with fat spicy onion rings. I honestly didn’t know a Flat Iron Steak could be so tender. They did a fantastic job on that dish. And the portion was HUGE. Jason took home a good chunk of the steak and we sliced it thin and he had it as a steak sandwich the next day.

For dessert, I had the Green Pastures Bread Pudding which was incredible and Jason had the cheesecake. We were stuffed at the end of the meal and very happy with the whole experience. It’s funny to us that the whole crowd there tended to be a little bit older than the crowds we were seeing at the other restaurants for restaurant week. . . I understand why the restaurant appeals to older generations (very good waitstaff with proper etiquette, traditional dishes, fantastic atmosphere) but I feel it is worth appealing to the younger generations as well. The food is delicious without being fussy.


  1. Posted March 17, 2009 at 3:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Everything looks great! I love fish…

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    was that the place that Lilian’s wedding was at? Pretty nice.

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