Number the Stars

number-the-starsAt book club the other night, I raided Amanda’s enormous stash of books for books that I had been wanting to read (thank you Amanda!)! Number the Stars by Louis Lowry was one of those books and it only took one evening to read through (big type and short book). I seem to read a lot of books on Nazi occupation of different countries during World War II and that was the setting of this book too. By the writing of the book you can tell that it is geared towards younger children, as the main character is a 10 year old girl named Annemarie and the story is told from her point of view. It takes place in occupied Denmark (this was my first time to read about Denmark and WW II) when the nazis begun to ship Jews off to concentration camps. Ellen, Annemarie’s best friend, is Jewish and the story recounts the courage of how Annemarie’s family hides and successfully gets Ellen and her family to Sweden. I think this book serves as a good introduction for younger children to the horrors of World War II.  Definitely recommended no matter what your age. 8/10


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    That’s funny – I have this book (or at least I did). I picked it up at some point but I don’t know if I ever read it. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. kaylebug
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    I read this book back in… 3rd grade I believe. I absolutely loved it and I want to read it again. My teacher was Jewish so she had us read quite a few Holocaust time period books. This one was probably my favorite out of all of them.

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    I remember reading this as a kid. I loved it!

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    Glad you liked it — I think it is a great intro on this topic, indeed!

  5. pearl
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    i remember that book! wow, it’s been a really really long time and i’m getting flashbacks of scenes right now. what a vivid book.

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    i love this book i am reading it right now i am in chapter 14 not much is going on accept for ellen is on the boat to sweeden and we just ended the whole “aunt birte” thing. and in this book there are somethings that just upset me, like, you think one thing is going to happen, then the result is really plain. i say it is 4 1/2 stars !

  7. savannah
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    im in LOVE with this book we’re reading it in school! and my teacher will not let us bring it home!! i fell so bad for people that really went though that i cry everytime we start to read this book.. or i cry if i think about jews i sometimes cry when my friends around just thinking she might not have ever been here if her grandparents didn’t surive…. i thank god every dad that none of us have to go though that.. thank you thank you for writing this book 🙂

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    this book is the most awesome book i’ve ever read in my entire life of ten living. I love this book.

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