Chat abbreviations, which are now texting abbreviations, are taking over the world. Jason saw this driving home one day:

And a friend of mine who is a teacher, says that texting lingo shows up in formal papers from her high school students. What is the world coming to? Are we really in such a hurry that everything is reduced to texting jargon?

Pretty crazy. . .


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    Wow… that’s crazy. I keep flipping between it being awesome and being scary. 🙂 I’m definitely glad that we missed this fad. It’s nice to know how words are actually spelled.

  2. pearl
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    dissent! rebel tea party in the comments section!

    but beth, how exactly are you supposed to spell out Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud on a license plate??? It seems like this is actually one of the more appropriate uses of abbreviation – there’s no space limitations in an email or instant messaging.

    Besides, when I use texting abbreviations I don’t think I really mean the same thing as if I spelled it out – it’s more like a tiny emotional signifier to keep the reader on track with my meaning. Sortof like a raised eyebrow or a shoulder shrug or lip twitch. I’m not actually rolling on the floor laughing out loud. And lol – laughing out loud usually does not mean i’m actually laughing. I never actually say in a conversation “In my humble opinion”, it comes out overblown and ridiculous. instead i sortof soften whatever I’m saying with body language if needed. So if I wrote it out, it’d entirely change the meaning.

    I’m not surprised it’s showing up in schools. The point of school is partly to teach kids the difference between formal and informal behaviour. Kids do not know it beforehand. So there has to be some teacher somewhere that tells them nope, cut it out. Unless you are me and your parents make you write multiple drafts of absolutely everything and edit them before you turn it in. But not every parent has that kind of time.

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