Fresh Strawberry Gelato

The ice cream maker is out in full force now and this recipe is delicious and it’s easy. And there are no seeds to get stuck in your teeth! I don’t know if this is an honest to goodness gelato since there is cream in it, but it’s still more milk than cream. . . but no eggs, just cornstarch. I’ve said it before, and I don’t know how culinarily correct it is to use cornstarch in ice cream/gelato, but I love the texture it lends – silky, smooth and perfectly thick. After I had simmered the milk, cream, sugar and cornstarch, I passed it through a sieve to remove any unwanted chunkies from the mixture. Then I let it cool over the ice and strained the strawberry puree into it. Delicious. Perfect strawberry gelato. Now I need to make my coconut ice cream to go with it because one of my favorite memories from Italy was pairing the strawberry gelato with the coconut gelato. Just amazing. . .

Fresh Strawberry Gelato Recipe


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    Whenever I see glelato, I think of you! I hope you had a great weekend!

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    Everytime you make a gelato or ice cream you make me wish for an ice cream maker. I need to go over to my parent’s house one of these days and use their’s and one of your delicious looking recipes!

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