The Best Lil’ Lakehouse in Texas

So I may have fooled you guys into thinking I was actually at my computer yesterday with that strawberry gelato post. Turns out, I was not. I was still on vacation. A pretty amazing, relaxing, refreshing vacation. Our good friends let us use their beautiful lake house for a one last ‘just the two of us’ retreat before I am confined to a one hour travel radius from the hospital we’re delivering at. For those who are curious, here is a quick recap:

Their lake house is on Lake Cypress Springs which is east of Dallas a little ways. The lake is pretty small but very nice.

I got a chance to catch up on some sewing (which I will post about later), but really, we spent a lot of time resting, talking, reading, enjoying the scenery and wildlife and relaxing. The weather was absolutely perfect, no rain, not hot, not cold, just awesome. They had an awesome hammock that I took advantage of for afternoon naps:

We boated around a little bit, but I think it goes without saying why I wasn’t eager to ski, wakeboard or tube! There was an interesting property on the lake where the owner was starting a vineyard. I didn’t realize that east Texas soil + lake water = wine grapes. . . seems odds to me. But hey, it was pretty. And, if you notice the purple in the picture on the left, I caved and bought a couple of full length jersey dresses from Target. They are dang comfortable and I am planning to wear them as frequently as I can. πŸ™‚

Their house was just gorgeous as I fully expected it to be. They call if their ‘nice house’ but their everyday house is amazing as well! I’m sad to say we didn’t take any pictures of the exterior and only a few of the interior. I’m not sure that this picture even does it justice. It was so comfortable and homey. And the natural light (not that you can tell from this night shot) . . . just unsurpassed.

Jason got a good shot of the sunrise the first morning we were there. I choose to sleep. And sleep some more. πŸ™‚ We also watched the sunset from the boat on Saturday night after eating dinner at burger joint:

It was all pretty much amazing. I am so grateful that we got to have a little bit of downtime just between the two of us before we go through this huge life change of having a baby. It really felt nice to not have any appointments, commitments or chores to be anticipating. So overall, a fantastic time (and much needed)!


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    sounds wonderful! yay for dresses πŸ˜‰

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    glad yall got to relax

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