Spicy Turkey Paella

So my parents came in town this weekend. And it seems to be a new tradition that my mom brings a turkey with her whenever she comes to visit. Yes. I said a turkey. Like a thanksgiving turkey, cooked in Dallas, driven to Austin and ready to be eaten. Well, it’s a delicious tradition and I appreciate it because it leaves us with tons of turkey leftovers that I get to turn into delicious other meals. The first in line? Turkey Paella. I don’t know if this qualifies as a TRUE paella, but it’s a delicious way to use of Turkey leftovers regardless! I don’t have a paella pan so I use a wok, which works alright. I used a jalapeno beef sausage, which was amazing, jasmine rice for the long grain white rice and a green pepper instead of a red (it was cheaper) and followed the rest of the recipe exactly. It did take a lot longer than I expected and made a TON more than I expected, but the leftovers are delicious, so I won’t complain too much. 🙂

Recipe for Spicy Turkey Paella

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    That looks SUPER good!

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