The Messenger

messenger The Messenger, by Lois Lowry, is the final installment of the trilogy that begins with the Giver and moves on to the story of the Gathering Blue. This book begins showing that the characters in the former books are alive and well. Matty is the main character in this story, but the characters from the two previous books are present as well. The basic idea is that something is not right in the village that used to accept all outsiders, regardless of their past, disabilities, personalities, etc. The forest is attacking people and there is a general feeling of malaise. People are becoming comfortable and trading their best qualities for superficial happiness. The story peaks in Matty going to retrieve Kira by taking a trip through the ominous forest to bring her back to her blind father and introduce her to the Leader.

Overall I feel like this book didn’t have quite as developed of a storyline as the previous two. The story seemed simpler, the conclusion of the book almost too easy. I missed the complexity and undertones that exist in the first two books. I finished reading it thinking that it ended a little too happily, especially with the endings of the two previous books leaving somethings for the readers to ponder and think over. Not my favorite of the series, that’s for sure! 6/10

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    I heard this from my mom too…she teaches 7th grade. Her kids and her both felt that the last book wasn’t the best finish for the series. That’s too bad.

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