Cheeseburgers or Baby Food

Which would you think to be more nutritious?

Apparently fast food cheeseburgers are more nutritious than some baby foods. Just goes to show that you really should read the ingredient list on the back of things you eat/feed others. This just reinforces how much I want to make my OWN baby food. 🙂 Cheaper, healthier, easy. . . Hm.


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    I’m sure you’ve already heard of the book, “Super Baby Food” – but it is incredible! I made most of my daughter’s baby food (and now toddler food) and it was not only rewarding and easy, but SO much cheaper than the store bought stuff… not to mention the benefits you just blogged about – though I have to admit, I didn’t know some baby foods were that bad!!! Love your blog – I’ve been following it for a while know and love your crafty inspiration!

    • Elizabeth
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      I have heard of the book before but haven’t purchased it yet. . . I’ll have to see if PaperBackSwap has it and put it on my wish list. 🙂

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    I LOVE the Super Baby Food book. She’s a little (shall we say…) picky (or anal) when it comes to monitoring a child’s diet, but I fed my first son on this, and now he poaches broccoli and asparagus from our plates after he’s gobbled up his own! My younger son–14 months–is mostly on the Super Baby Food diet now. However, i’d recommend going easy on the soy, especially for boys, considering it’s often used midlife for women to boost their estrogen during the “change.”
    Other than that, the best baby food reference I have found!
    Mind you, it’s also easy. I even (sob story) was a single mom with my older son, working full time, and still made most of his food! Easy peasy!

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    Sarah’s sister kim makes (made?) her own snack food for Griffin, (her baby). It was really cool. If ya’ll say find your way into a conversation at the wedding, you should ask her about it.

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    I love Super Baby Food, too! Here’s a site that I used with Eden, and will use with Rhys, too:

  5. Elizabeth
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    Thanks for all the information everyone!

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    This does not surprise me at all. 😦 This is also another really good resource: Real Food for Mother and Baby.

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    i loved making my own baby food as well (except when #1 denied it- then i wasn’t as emotionally attached to the store bought.. sigh). #2 loved everything- which is just the fun differences btwn my boy’s personalities. the only way i found making baby food to be easy is by making a lot at a time. i’ve loved the super baby foods book, but i mainly use it now as a resource for fun activities (yes, they have crafts and stuff, too!) and when to double check when #2 can eat stuff. a great month-by-month resource.

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