Cherry Upside Down Cake

Cherries went on sale again. 🙂 Last year when they went on sale I made cherry gelato (which I should make again – it was delicious). We had some friends over for dinner last week and I wanted to have a quick but elegant dessert but I also didn’t want to go to the grocery store. I had those cherries that I had bought as an impulse by, and man, they came in handy! I wish that we had taken a picture of the cake before we cut into it so I could share how beautiful the pattern of cut cherries on the top (well, originally the bottom) turned out! I used a spring form pan so it flipped over very easily. I’ll agree with the other reviews of the recipe when they say that cutting and pitting the cherries takes a good amount of time but the end result is something fairly beautiful and very tasty. Maybe even worth the added amount of time! Good recipe, especially if you just happen to have everything on hand!

Recipe for Cherry Upside Down Cake

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