Week Two of Mommy-Hood

Today Jude is two weeks old. This is going really fast. . . I believe everyone now when they say children grow up too fast. I promise.

We had our two week doctor’s appointment today and everything is looking really good. He’s at 8lbs 14oz (10 oz higher than his birth weight) and gaining more each day! He’s in the 50% percentile for both weight and length, but in the 25% for size of his head. Kinda hilarious if you ask me! And now I’m becoming one of those parents that shares what percentile her kid is in. Wasn’t sure that I was going to be one of those. Ha. Funny how things change.

Breastfeeding is getting so much better. He is finally really catching on and I think I’m really starting to understand his feeding cues, so we’re both happier. I have fed him in public (public = church) now thanks to the help of Jenn’s nursing cover (I like the name ‘hooter hider’ better, but you know, it’s not as politically correct or something). Leaking is still a problem – hurry up body and regulate yourself! I don’t want to be a walking embarrassment!

Oh diapers. I feel like a failure on this one. The GDiapers give Jude a rash and they leak a bit more than I like. We’re going to give the GDiapers another try soon but I was feeling at the end of my rope one day and send Jason out to get some Huggies. . . and we’ve been using them since. I hang my head in shame. The Bum Genius all in ones are still too big. I should have planned to have some newborn sized cloth diapers on hand because I did read reviews that the Bum Genuis diapers were too big for newborns. Oh well. We’ll get there. I am using cloth wipes at home though, and I love them. Super easy!

Still losing weight every day. Yay for breastfeeding! We started talking walks in the mornings when the weather hasn’t yet hit the 100s, so hopefully this added bit of activity will continue to further the trend. And hopefully the weather will cool off a little bit with this bout of rain that we’re having. Hopefully. But this is Texas. It might just get more humid to make up for the drop in temperature.

Sleep is going pretty well – I can’t complain. It’s hard to get Jude to sleep as he likes to cluster feed from around 8pm to midnight, but once he sleeps, he gives us a couple hours at a time without interruption. I haven’t felt near as sleep deprived as I thought I would and apparently it will continue to get better from here. We will see. 🙂 I will say that after I give him his morning feeding, he is happy and content enough for me to take a shower and feel human (awake) and ready to start the day (of constant feeding and changing diapers). That has been incredible. I love showers.

And I also need to give a mention to my amazing friends and coworkers – they have set up a care calendar for us and have been delivering us meals. . . what an incredible blessing! It is such a relief to know that I don’t have to plan meals, do heavy grocery shopping and try and find time to cook between feedings! It is truly helping us ease into the life of parents without much stress. Thank you so much to everyone that is helping us out in this way!


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    I’m glad the nursing cover ìs working well for you. You’ll be nursing in public like a pro before you know iti! And don’t stress about the diapers. It’s not like you could have known he’d be allergic. Live and learn, right?

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    Wow. Such a beautiful boy. I am glad everything is going so well! Don’t stress!

    Check these diapers out, if you haven’t already: http://www.fuzzibunz.com.

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    Glad to hear Jude is letting you shower… it really is a beautiful thing!

    We use prefolds for Rhys now (we got a ton of super super cheap ones when we were preggo with Eden). The first couple of weeks, though, we just used disposables – it gave us time to heal, adjust. Jude will fit into the dipes soon enough!

    Glad to hear your friends are blessing you guys with meals – that is so needed!

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