Book Club: Anthem

anthem This month’s book club book was Anthem, by Ayn Rand. I originally read this book and wrote a paper comparing the storyline to the story of Adam and Eve in high school for extra credit and a scholarship competition. It’s funny to me now, knowing of the agenda of Ayn Rand’s followers, because it seems that they were targeting high schoolers to see if they could attract new followers to their individualism movement.

Anyways, regardless of how I feel about Ayn Rand’s philosophies and followers, this book is a quick and interesting read. Again, I can compare it to Farenheit 451, the Giver, Brave New World – all stories of a ‘utopian’ society that is brought into question by an individual. The book takes place in a future where our world as we know it as been destroyed and as a new culture has risen where singular pronouns are no longer used. The individual has been destroyed. Electricity and technology are gone. No one has an individual identity and names as we know them no longer exist. All individuals are equal, therefore what job you have doesn’t matter because all serve the whole. Equality 7-2521 finds himself longing to be more than a street sweeper and his desire for freedom and ‘sinful’ thoughts of self end up getting him in trouble.

This is a quick read and a quick introduction into the world of Ayn Rand. It only took me about an hour or so to get through this short book again and I would recommend it to anyone who likes those ‘utopian world turned upside down’ books. 9/10

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    Hi! I came across an old post of yours on Allie’s Answers saying that you made your own deodorant. I currently use Bionsen but would love to have your recipe! Would you be up for sharing? (o:

    And congrats on your new bundle of joy btw! (I have a 7 month old myself!)

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