So the infrequency of my blogging has not been only due to Jude coming around. It seems that change happens in multiples in our lives. Turns out Jason’s job is moving to a far north suburb of Austin. Of course that increases his commute by a significant amount of time. With our new little one here, he doesn’t want to spend time in traffic that he could be spending with our son. Additionally, we are joining a small church plant within our church association that needs a worship leader (Jason) that is located significantly north of where we are located now. And thirdly, we can’t really continue to afford to live in the house we’re in now. Mine and Jason’s jobs have been victim to this economy and what we could once comfortably afford is no longer (just to clarify, we are both blessed to still have jobs, our incomes have both just changed a bit). Therefore, we are moving and a lot of my time lately has gone to staging the house (and all of my crafting supplies have sadly been put away for the time being). It goes on the market today and once we get an offer we’ll start putting offers on houses up north.

This has been really difficult for me because I had spend significant time and energy envisioning our lives in this house and this neighborhood. I pictured myself walking Jude to the elementary school down the street, walking to have dinner at one of the many restaurants nearby, continuing to enjoy the super nice HEB by our house, playing at the many parks, having date-nights at the new Alamo Drafthouse (movie theater) that will be built within walking distance soon. All that being said, my envisioning is useless now, but I have such an attachment to everything here because of it. We love our house, we love our church, neighbors and neighborhood. We’re sad to leave it.

The upsides that I keep trying to focus myself on are that we will be closer to many of our friends that live up north that we don’t get to see very often. And of course, there is the money we will be saving on our mortgage.

Goodbye house that we loved so much, we had a lot of good times here.


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    I’m sorry to hear that you will have to move, your house looks so beautiful and so I’m sure have no problems selling it.

    About a year ago my contract was not renewed (a bit of a shock) so I had to find another job. I was unable to find anything in Edinburgh but I found pretty much my dream job in Aberdeen. This was quite a move for us because we had only purchased our flat a year ago (our first house) and I had loads of plans for that place – not as many as you with your family though.

    It has been good in some ways even though it was quite an upheaval, the job I have now is so much better than the old job and my partner is moving up here next week – after almost a year apart! I’m much happier in my job and I’m really enjoying this city which I never considered before. It’s quite exciting now that we are going to be in the same city again and start to look for a new house and a new beginning.

    Everything happens for a reason and I definately believe it will all work out well in the end. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere even more beautiful further North and you’ll always have great memories of where you are now.

    Good luck with the selling and moving.

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    I’m sad for you for having to leave your house because it’s so beautiful and I totally understand the whole envisioning yourself somewhere, but I’m so excited that you will be closer to us!

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    I am so sorry that y’all have to up and move during this transitioning time in your lives. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about already! But it seems like you’re handling it quite well – keep a positive attitude. I am sure it’s SO hard to leave after you’ve pictured yourself raising a family somewhere. That has to be incredibly difficult. But, you’ll find a great place up north – there’s lots of parks up here, and several places with walkable restaurants. The grocery stores aren’t too shabby either. (: I hope you find a place where you can settle for years to come. And I hope you love the new church.

    Your staging looks fantastic, Beth. Your house looks so clean – I hope it sells quickly for y’all. I’d never seen your bedroom before – it’s awesome. I also wasn’t aware of your amazing deck in the backyard. Hard to leave, I’m sure – but a great selling feature. (:

    Good luck!

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    I’ve found that things are always hardest right before a season of grace. Your house is beautiful and I think any house you live in will be beautiful because of all the love that resides there. You and your family are in my prayers, that God may see you through and strengthen you during this transition. I keep thinking about the post I’ll read a year from now about how much you love your new church and how your new community has embraced you and helped you define your new place as somewhere you love to call home. Blessings.

  5. Elizabeth
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    Thanks everyone.

    I know that everything will work out and that a year from now, like you said Lynn, we’ll be looking back on this season and viewing it differently than we see it right now. We are very excited about getting to be a part of this new church and seeing how God is going to move there.

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