Julie and Julia

julie and juliaEllie loaned me Julie and Julia, by Julie Powell this past weekend and I just couldn’t put it down. I read it each time I fed Jude throughout the days and finished it on Wednesday. I knew the movie was coming out soon and I knew I wanted to see it, but truthfully, I had no idea what the movie/book was about except it had something to do with Julia Child and cooking. . . well, I am hoping the movie is as good as the book! (And I can’t wait for a girl’s night to go see it!)

The premise of this book is based on Julie Powell’s experience cooking through each and every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and how it affects her everyday life of being a secretary, friend, wife and daughter. Through this journey, she blogs about each recipe. Powell’s writing style is edgy and honest. She doesn’t try to pretty up a situation, instead she tells it how it is, whether it’s about her marriage, her family, friends, job or cooking. Some of the recipes she cooks are terribly outdated – chicken or liver en gellee anyone (essentially meat jell-o)? And a lot of the advice that she gives to her friends I just don’t agree with (um, giving your friend the go ahead to sleep with a married man? notsomuch) but I really enjoyed the book and her journey of finding more about herself through cooking adventurously for her husband, friends and family. 9/10


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    i didn’t know that this was a book! gah! i’m going to have to try and read it now. (and- you are either a super fast reader or jude takes his good ol’ time nursing. with my first he’d take 45min every sitting and the 2nd would be no more than 25 min total. i barely had enough time to collect my thoughts with #2 b/c i was so used to the longer feedings. ha!)

    love how good you are about posting different topic on your blog. so good.

    • Elizabeth
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      It’s a combo of both- I’m a quick reader a Jude varies from 20-45 minutes with nursing… and sometimes he falls asleep! And thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the variety!

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    I’ve added this to my to-read list. It sounds like such a fun read!

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    I better hurry up and finish the book I am reading now so I can get started on this one as soon as I get it from you tomorrow!! I can’t wait!

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