3 Months

I can’t believe we are at three months already. It feels like forever ago and just yesterday that he was born. Apparently motherhood is a time warp.

It really has been incredible lately – it’s like a switch was flipped in Jude’s brain or something because the last week has been significantly easier than past weeks. He has started falling asleep on his own when he needs a nap (which is 5-6 times a day!), or with significantly less persuasion (the sling is still my favorite for this though). He has spaced out his feedings to almost 3 hours between each one so I’m starting to feel like I’m not just feeding him all the time! He only wakes me up twice on most nights and sometimes only once! It is pretty exciting that sleep is continuing to increase for me – at some points, I felt like I was never going to get to have continuous sleep again!

He’s all smiles and loves to flirt with my friends. He’s started ‘playing’ with some toys (really just chewing on them) and he manages to get his hand in his mouth now!

He’s trying to roll over and finally doesn’t get frustrated by ‘tummy time’ (for those of you that aren’t moms, this time helps them strengthen their necks since it’s not recommended for babies to sleep on their stomachs – I didn’t know the point of tummy time until I was a mom). He’s just generally a happy baby!

I look back on the past couple months with amazement. At the time, it didn’t feel difficult. But looking back, I wonder how we made it! He’s never been a difficult baby but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is such a learning curve involved with having a child. I had some really low times when I would have to hand Jude off to Jason so I could deal with the emotions I was having. I experienced such extreme highs but some pretty heavy lows too. Thankfully I feel like I’ve grown from all of that and most of our experiences are all highs now, especially since our days feel so much easier now!

I really do enjoy being a mom and having our little family. I’m learning so much about Jude, myself and enjoying the new side of my husband being a father.


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    What a little butterball! He’s gotten so plump since I saw him last. And I still love the mohawk. 🙂

    Thanks for explaining tummy time. I kept reading that term and having no idea what it was for, but it makes sense now. I’m glad to hear that you’re both doing well. What a blessing to have his feeding and sleeping going so well at only three months!

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    Yay for sleeping!! That is exciting news for sure! I just read something recently about this time being the time when babies actually become more in touch with everything going on around them and things just start clicking. I am glad that is coming true for you too. 🙂

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    I just love him and love you so much! You are the greatest wife and the greatest mom of all time.

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    He’s adorable! I love the hair!

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