BumGenius 3.0 vs. FuzziBunz One Size

So since I did the Bum Genius 3.0 vs. SmartiPants comparison, I have tried out FuzziBunz One Size diapers. I thought it would be helpful to provide a similar discussion comparing these two diapers.The reason I compare to Bum Genius is that it seems to be the most common cloth diaper that people are familiar with and it seems to also be the most accessible and widely available.

Bum Genius 3.0 (BG)
Fuzzi Bunz (FB)
must pull out insert after use must pull out insert after use (easier to shake out though) So far, SmartiPants are the only one size pocket diapers I’ve seen that allow you to leave the insert in when washing.
adjusts through snaps (length) and velcro (waist) uses adjustable elastic at waist and legs This is easily my favorite feature of FB. Additionally, FB will replace elastic when it wears out, easy to switch out and custom size to your baby.
microfiber interior soft fleece interior The fleece is significantly softer than the microfiber.
snaps to size insert
(plus newborn insert/doubler)
one size insert The one size insert doesn’t seem to be a problem since the sizing is adjusted through the elastic at the legs and waist instead of through snaps. No bulk is added. BG on the other hand, is bulkier when the insert is snapped to smaller sizes.
Made in the US Made in China I prefer to buy things made in the US when possible.
snaps match diaper color white snaps Not a big deal, but worth noting.
velcro at waist three snaps at waist Again, the biggest complain of BG is that the velcro wears out over time (we’re seeing this already after 4 months of use) although it is much easier to velcro a squirming baby than snap!
discount when buying more no discount when buying more This could be a deal breaker for people that are purchasing their own diapers and not putting them on a registry.
$17.95 single $18.95 single FB is $1 more per diaper.
$53.10 for 3 pack
($17.70 a piece)
n/a Would be nice if a reduced price was offered for larger purchases.
widely available (ex. target.com and local stores) available at local stores and online Could be difficult if your are registering for cloth diapers. I loved that I could register for BG on Target.com since Target is well known and widely available. Support your local shops though – I just feel like it’s difficult for out of town guests to fufill registries done in local shops.
leaks out side/back leaks until you perfect the fit Again, this is the biggest strength of FB over BG. Although since Jude has gotten bigger, leaks are not as common. Could be due to the fact that the leg holes were a little too big for him in the BG since they’re not adjustable.
9 colors 15 colors Speaks for itself
available in organic/bamboo no organic/bamboo Not a big deal for me but maybe for others. . .
more bulky less bulky The sizing system in FB is impressive at how small you can size the diaper without adding any significant bulk. The runching method of sizing is pretty clever!
more reviews new product All of the reviews I’ve read for both have been great, but there are more out there for BG since it’s been around longer.

So now for the visual part of the comparison. I didn’t do a breakdown on the different sizes that you can snap to because it is essentially limitless for all the sizes available on the FBs. . .

You can see that the BG are overall larger and a fairly different shape than the FB. You also have to be careful to tuck the extra bulk in the interior pocket when securing on your baby with the FBs . . . otherwise the fabric will wick moisture and it will leak.

The front panel is especially more of a different shape. The BG front wraps around a bit more than the FB. You can see even more clearly the fabric that hangs over the back waistband that must be tucked away on the FBs.

A clearer illustration of the size difference:

Here is the incredibly innovative sizing method for the FBs. The excess elastic tucks into a little pocket once you have use the buttons to size where you want it. The number make it easy to make each size the same.

You can see the back leg elastic sizing and the sizing around the waist here:


  1. Posted November 23, 2009 at 4:54 pm | Permalink | Reply

    My son Oliver has been using the Bum Genius diapers for almost a year now. I have been religious abous securing the velcro to the wash tabs and haven’t had any problems with them wearing out. I also have a few organic cotton snap type Bum Genius diapers and they are SO hard to get on him when he is wiggly, so I kind of wrote off the FB. BUT, they are so cute, I sometimes wonder if I would switch over for kiddo #2 if someone could show me the trick to getting those snaps closed quickly.

    Which one do you prefer?

    Oh, and he has just started taking his diaper off on his own — I can see how the snaps would help prevent that. I have to keep a onesie or pants on him at all times unless I want to clean up a surprise puddle.

    • Elizabeth
      Posted November 23, 2009 at 6:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know that I have a preference – different brands seem to have different uses… Like SmartiPants are great for using when out and about since you don’t have to fish out the insert. FuzziBunz are super customizable and super soft – good if diaper rash appears, and the BumGenius are so easy to find, cheap and easy to get on…

      I have been pretty religious with sticking the tabs to the tab holders when washing and I’m still seeing more wear and tear than I’d like… Maybe it’s a washer/dryer issue…

  2. Posted November 24, 2009 at 7:38 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I love bumgenious diapers, they are my favorite to use. And that back leg elastic definitely makes a huge difference.

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