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I really don’t like aerosal spray air fresheners. It freaks me out that we spray chemicals into the air and breathe them in. Doesn’t seem right somehow. I also don’t care for plug in air fresheners either. Same sort of deal. I’m always on the lookout for natural deodorizers (like baking soda) to keep our house smelling nice. Especially the baby’s room. I mean, cloth diapers don’t go in a diaper genie, they sit there in their diaper pail and sometimes they get stinky, even if I spray them with BioKleen BacOut. SewMamaSew offered this tutorial on Monday and I knew it would be great to add to Jude’s room to help the smell.

So I made two thinking his room could use all the help it could get. Turns out it worked too well so I moved the second one into our guest bathroom! I really am impressed with how well this works and how cute the little bags are.

Now, if I wasn’t lazy I would have switched out the thread on the blue sachet, but I was feeling lazy the day I made these, and I don’t think it looks THAT bad… Oh and the two doorknobs in that picture, those doors both go to the same closet. Silly, right? One day we’ll take the doors out at remove that silly piece of drywall… Then the closet will be more useful!

I have a feeling I need to start making these as gifts for friends that are having babies. A non smelly baby room is nice to have!


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    I saw this tutorial and wanted to make some myself. They turned out really cute! It’s good to hear that they work, too.

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