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crazy-loveI’m ashamed. It has taken me so long to write up a review of Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. I mean. Really. It’s a book that changed my life. Honestly. And I know several others that have been radically challenged by this book. I have read this book twice now. Once with my group of high school girls and once with our new church community group. Both times have been challenging and revealed areas of my life that need attention and change. I think what I like most about this book is that there are no smoke and mirrors. It’s up front. Deals with hard issues and doesn’t skate around the point it’s trying to make. It’s also very conversational so it’s easy to understand. I mean, I love CS Lewis and everything but sometimes I can only read a paragraph at a time. Then I have to spend an hour processing what I read! Francis Chan hits on a lot of major issues in the American Christian world but he does it with love and grace. It’s a good reminder of what God has called us to as followers of Christ. He urges us to live with a sense of urgency instead of mediocrity. To let go of our comfort and to release our fear of suffering. To give away everything we have to offer, health, homes, money, security, even our lives for the good of the gospel and those around us.

“This book,” he says, “is written for those who want more Jesus. It is for those who are bored with what American Christianity offers. It is for those who don’t want to plateau, who would rather die before their convictions do.” Even if you’re not a Christian, I feel like this could challenge your view on who Christians are/should be. A must read. 10/10


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    I’ve been so behind on internet posts, but in what ways has it changed your life, Elizabeth? Or at least challenged? I’ve been meaning to get this book forever, but just haven’t. Maybe it’s time?

    • Elizabeth
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      Mostly it just challenged what I am pursuing and why I’m doing it. Chan talks a lot about sacrifices that people in his church made because they had an eternal perspective. It’s so hard for me to focus on eternity and I live like eternity doesn’t matter. If it mattered to me then I would be much more open handed. I would be treating people as if they mattered. It’s all stuff that I kind of knew already, but the way Chan called everything out, and so Biblically, it just spoke to me deeply. True conviction without guilt, you know? I feel like the Holy Spirit uses that book so fully that I want everyone to read it!

      Changes that happened for me and Jason. . . we started opening our home for people to stay with us, even when it’s not the most convenient option. We gave up many comforts, our old house, old church, old job because we felt called to live with less. So many things that we knew but didn’t ever take action on.

      I guess it changed my life because it challenged us to take action. And really do it with everything in us.

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        Wow – thanks for the response. The reason I ask (and part of the reason I haven’t been online much) is the post you made some time ago about your “word of the year”. That post resonated with me, and at the same time I was reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller, and he speaks throughout the book about “Living a Better Story”. I’ve adopted that phrase for 2010.

        I feel deep in my soul that this is going to be a different year for us. And I’m not sure what that means right now, but I’m being moved deeply to leave mediocrity, simplify our life so that we can live will full passion. To live the purpose God has for us. There are a couple changes I’m suspecting, as my perspective on a couple areas in my life have changed in such a short period of time. It’s almost as though God opened my eyes so I could “see”.

        I will pray for you in this season of change and reckless abandonment to Christ’s call. Please pray that we will have the same courage to move when called to do so.

      • Elizabeth
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        Definitely will pray for you guys! I’m reading the Donald Miller book right now as a part of my quiet time. There are some ideas that have really struck my heart through the reading.

        I realized one more reason this book impacted me while I was laying in bed last night. It really does break down how ridiculous it is that God loves us the way He does and that for us to react to him the way we often do? It’s ludicrous. I guess it revealed to me my lack of understanding of who God is. If I truly knew Him, I would respond differently in every part of my life.

  2. renee
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    i have got to pick this book back up and finish it! thanks for the reminder!

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