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It’s been a long time since I’ve shared some of my music purchases with you… In all honestly, they have slowed because of our change in finances… I used to purchase a new CD once every other week! No longer. The holidays and my birthday provided a fun little pop in my music collection and I am loving the new CDs. I just thought I would provide a quick blurb about each because I feel that they’re worth passing on.

Lex LandYellow Days on Orange Street – I first heard Lex at the grand re-opening of Obees and the launch of WholeNine and I was impressed. It was just her, a guitar, mic and speaker and she was incredible. No auto-tune for her. Her voice is smoky, jazzy and smooth, reminiscent of Billie Holiday. She sang a couple Fiona Apples songs and I was hooked – similar sultry styles for sure. I was pretty pumped to get this CD for Christmas from my parents. It is well worth a listen especially if you enjoy listening to low key jazzy music. Especially worth listening to live if you have the opportunity.

Derek WebbThe Stockholm Syndrome – Derek Webb is one of the few Christian artists that I really enjoy. So many others just feel cheesy and insincere but I have always found Derek Webb’s songs to be though provoking and honest. Often controversial (and I love a good controversy to get me thinking), his songs are sometimes shockingly upfront, not your typical Christian artist. This particular CD is varied in it’s style – there are some songs that have more electronic beat to them, one sounds like it should be on an Ocean’s 11/12/13 soundtrack but then some return to the sound that I relate Webb to the most – acoustic and raw.

Regina SpecktorFar – I adore Regina Specktor. I love her talky style of music. She is quirky and fun – her lyrics are thoughtful at times and silly others. Just a pleasure to listen to. And talk about a vocal range – love it! I really enjoyed the rawness her first CD and was excited when I found out she had released another. Far is a bit more polished, which is to be expected, but it doesn’t fail to please. I particularly love the insightful nature of the song ‘Laughing With’. No one laughs at God during hard times but He’s a great butt of a joke during a cocktail party. Very telling of our culture.

Sleeping at LastStoryboards – Sleeping at Last is definitely becoming one of my favorite bands. Their last album, Keep No Score, was one that I played pretty heavily right before Jude was born. Such great lyrics. They seem to fully encompass the type of music that I love most. This album is no different. It’s meaningful, thoughtful and just great to listen to. Especially noticeable to me is the use of orchestral support to the vocals. I love the mix of instruments used in this album. And can I just mention that I adore their watercolor album covers? I mean, they’re just beautiful!

Imogen HeapEllipse – The ethereal quality to Imogen’s voice has always been intriguing to me. The fact that she combines it with such a interesting blend of rock/pop/electronic music has drawn me in. This new CD doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great mix of styles. My favorites so far are Aha – which sounds like it should be in a Tim Burton film and Canvas – which has stunning harmonies. The Fire is a gorgeous instrumental piano track – very dramatic. And the song, Earth, showcases only vocals as all instruments, which I have always loved since my show choir days. Love it all!

Aqualung Words and Music – I think I started listening to Aqualung when I first started work right out of college. The office I worked for had networked all of out iTunes together so that we could listen to each other’s music collections. This was great because I was exposed to so much music I would have otherwise never experienced! Back to this CD – it’s great background music. I enjoy listening to it but no one song particularly sticks out to me. It’s great chill music as it’s slower and a bit more internally focused. (with the exception of Mr. Universe, which is reminiscent of the Beatles). Worth a listen but maybe not my favorite of the bunch.

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