10 Months

Uh huh. You know it. Time is still going too quickly.

It has been a bit of a rough month in the Carroll household. Between the whole family getting sick promptly after vacation, we have had a uncharacteristically unhappy baby.

There has been a lot of this:

Teething = Crying

and this:

Teething = Crying

happening, without much soothing to be had. (Can I just say how much editing those picture made my heart hurt? It’s not very fun to look at pictures of your child crying. Even though he’s asleep while I’m creating this post, I want to go wake him up and hold him after looking at those crying pictures!) The dreaded teething. We are in full swing. The bottom middle two teeth are ever so slowly poking up through Jude’s gum and it is making him crazy. Poor kiddo. I have tried teething tablets, cold teething rings, Sophie, Chamomilla, wooden teethers, fingers, chins and finally just resorted to giving him baby tylenol before his naps so he can get some painless rest. Fellow moms, what has worked for you?

To add to the changes, he is finally mobile. Each day he gets better at slithering, doing the worm and scooting to get to his destination. Not quite crawling but close enough. He is thrilled that he can slowly move in the general direction of the kitty. You should hear the squeals of delight (but only when he’s forgotten that his gums hurt). He’s even figured out how to sit up from laying down (only occasionally though). This lead up to drop his crib to the lowest position and take out the bumpers. It looks like a big kid crib now! Where did my baby go and who replaced him with this little boy?

Crawling! (ok, slithering and scooting)

I have completely given up on making baby foods – Jude will have none of this pureed food any longer. He wants what’s on my plate. So I just chop up what ever I’ve made for dinner into baby sized pieces and feed him that. He love everything I’ve been feeding him and seems to have a good time gumming the chunkier pieces of food. What baby likes scallops and baby spinach? Apparently this one. I love it. Maybe this means he’ll never fall for a diet of chicken nuggets and hamburgers!


  1. Krista Box
    Posted April 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh my goodness Beth! Those pictures of him crying make ME want to drive over, wake him up and hug him! Poor little guy! It is hard enough on them learning a new skill and teething, but doing those two things together is so rough. Feel free to bring him over here if you need a break! It is easier holding someone else’s crying baby!

  2. Sheri
    Posted April 23, 2010 at 2:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh, little Jude! Oh, poor Mommy! I feel as though Rhys is so much more sensitive than Eden was at this age. We’ve been going through a month of illness in our home – we’ve been trying chiropractic care, lots of green smoothies, and good ol’ vitamin D to get our immune systems up. I totally feel you. Totally.

    As far as teething goes, it’s hard. We rely on the teething tablets and sometimes tylenol, but a friend of mine uses hylands teething gel. She said that works better. Just a thought.

    Oh, and yay, on the big boy food! Isn’t it so great to be able to simplify life and just give him what’s on your plate? I love this phase too.

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