mourning the cowmooflage

Back before Jude (BBJ), we were researching baby items and decided on the Roundabout cowmooflage convertible carseat from Britax. It converted from newborn all the way up to 35 lbs! Remember? Gosh, I loved that tacky cow carseat.

Yes. Loved. In the past tense.

A couple weekends ago, my car, complete with carseat in it, was totaled. Thank God, no one was seriously hurt but because the car was totaled, the car seat is no longer usable. (Don’t worry, Jude and I were not in the car.) Remember my bellyachin’ about how carseats have expiration dates and how they end up in landfills? Turns out you can recycle them. And that the place that does it is local to me! If it isn’t local to you, you can ship it to them and they’ll send you a $5 credit at their store. I dropped off the carseat yesterday at Babyearth, and browsed around their storefront a bit and spent my $5. If you check out their site and buy anything, you can enter my customer code (ge0zvN) and get $5 off your order of $50 (it gets me $5 to spend too!).

Well, thankfully insurance ended up paying for another carseat for us but since we decided to go with the Marathon carseat that would last us even longer, the cowmooflage cover was not an option. I mean it was, but the straps were tan and it just wasn’t as cute. So we said goodbye to the cowmooflage. We will miss you. We hope your parts are recycled into something fun.

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