11 Months Old

You’d never know from these pictures that he just puked all over me, right? He’s certainly been a trooper through this whole stomach bug thing.

Well, 11 months old. I’m almost to the point where I can count his age in years! Quite different from counting in weeks or months. Unreal. ‘Time is flying.’ I still haven’t decided if we are going to throw him a birthday party or just celebrate quietly among ourselves. I have this desire to throw a sock monkey themed party though. . . sock monkey cupcakes, sock monkey t-shirts, mini sock monkeys as party favors . . . sock monkey piñata . . . my imagination is flying! We will see.

11 Months

Little man is a mover now. He figured out how to crawl and now he is everywhere at once! Some moms talk about how different their lives are once their babies start to crawl, and that is true to an extent, but Jude is just so much happier now that he’s mobile. I guess we’re lucky to not have stairs and be able to gate off the kitchen so he really can only crawl around the living and dining rooms. He has an affinity to any cord that he can find plugged in and loose pieces of paper. And of course the cat. The poor cat doesn’t know what to do now that Jude is chasing him while hysterically giggling.

11 Months

The bottom two teeth are in, so we are relieved of some of our teething frustrations that we had before. Hylands homeopathic teething gel was a winner.

Jude has finally experienced the beach and the pool (and we have managed to not take any pictures of the swimming – oops!). He seems to love water more than anything else he has ever encountered. I have a feeling we will be spending much time at the pool this summer. And I am thinking I probably need to get a little splash pool for him to play in this summer.

11 Months

I have gotta say, that this whole mommy thing is getting much easier and much more fun as he gets older. I love getting to see his personality and to interact and play with him. It’s so much fun! I am lucky to have him as my little boy.


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    My mom and I were talking on the phone today about how cute your kid is! It’s just not fair! My kids will never be that cute!

  3. lisa
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    What a beautiful baby,that last picture made my heart melt.

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    He is so darn cute! I cannot get over it…just love those big bright blue/hazels and those cheeks! And if anyone can pull off a Sock Monkey themed party, it’s definitely you!

  5. Mary
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    He sure is a sweet healthy looking little boy! Just makes me wish I could kiss his little cheeks. Time sure flies AFTER they are born. My baby is almost 23.

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