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sur . . . prise!

Remember my last post on kitchen essentials? Turns out I don’t have to wait for one of the items on my ‘wanted’ list any longer. I walked into my kitchen to make dinner on Saturday and saw these in the drawers: Obviously not my picture, but you get the idea. Beautiful new stainless steel pans […]

kitchen essentials

I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for awhile, because people often ask me what my favorite kitchen tools are. It’s taken me a while to really think through what I use everyday because these tools have become extensions of my limbs in some cases, and I forget how frequently I use them. […]

The Kitchen Remodel: Revealed!

So here are the before pictures. . . see that nasty corner sink? It made a bigger mess than it cleaned up. What a pain! Here we are after pulling out all of the cabinets and tearing down the soffits. The soffits were such a waste of space – there was nothing in them. The […]