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mourning the cowmooflage

Back before Jude (BBJ), we were researching baby items and decided on the Roundabout cowmooflage convertible carseat from Britax. It converted from newborn all the way up to 35 lbs! Remember? Gosh, I loved that tacky cow carseat. Yes. Loved. In the past tense. A couple weekends ago, my car, complete with carseat in it, […]

Cloth Diapers for Sale

**Update – They are all sold. Thanks you guys! Hello blog friends. I am posting these here because I know some of you are pregnant and considering cloth diapers. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to buy some used cloth diapers at a fraction of the price of new ones. I have stripped […]

coupon-ing journey

You may remember me saying that one of my resolutions for the new year was to coupon more, focusing on how to save money on things that we already buy. I think I’ve actually been doing pretty good in this area. I’ve saved anywhere from $10-$30 off our groceries each week without changing much about […]

Cloth Diaper Giveaway

I’m about to buy some of these Smarti Pants diapers and found that they are also having a giveaway on Centsible Sawyer and on Snellings Stories. . . I wanted another entry on both (I know, I know . . . using the blog to try and win things . . . ), so I’m […]


Happy late Easter everyone! It was a crazy weekend full of friends and good times here . . . but more about that in future posts. 🙂 Back when we started up the book club, we found this PaperBackSwap concept pretty interesting (it’s actually on our links). None of us signed up for it initially […]

6 GB of Free Legit Music from SXSW

So, if you like music, you might want to know about this. Free things are good.

We’ve Got Beef!

. . . was the title of the e-mail I received Thursday night. That’s right. Our half cow was ready. Alexander Farms is mostly known as a chicken farm with a sustainable focus. I see their eggs offered in some of the most locally conscious restaurants in town (like Fino), but I found out through […]