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Garden Update: June

Things are going crazy in my little 4×4 garden. Check this out (and pretend like my grass is mowed): Those tomatoes on the right are taller than I am. The zucchini is starting to take over. In fact, this garden seems to be putting forth many things that are larger than average. Look at this: […]

fruits from the garden

Just a quick photo update! My patio tomatoes are starting to produce a bunch of fruit: And so are my little yellow pear tomatoes: The zucchini is taking over, but also providing many growing veggies: And my blackberry plant is fully leafed out! Yay!

things are a-growing

The seeds that I’ve sprouted are starting to become big plants and not just baby plants any more. It is so satisfying to see the plants grow from seed. Everything has sprouted now! Below are the cucumber, squash and brandywine heirloom tomatoes: And the Bibb lettuce sprouts are going crazy still. I’m just hoping it […]

baby plants!

I feel pretty childish about how excited I am that some plants are actually sprouting! You know, like in the third grade where everyone planted a couple of beans and got all excited when they actually grew? What are you looking at in the picture below that is peeking its head up? Well, there are […]

garden time

When we were looking for a new house last fall, one of the things I looked for was a backyard that got a significant amount of sun. I wanted a garden because it is the only solution to my food dilemma that I have found. It can keep costs for organic foods down, the food […]


Remember how I said that I wanted to make some of these plant creations I saw while in Portland? Well, while I was camping last weekend, I found moss. I dug it up and took it home with me. I’m not sure if that’s illegal. . . hmm. . . Anyways, I put together the […]