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A month of celebrations. And sewing.

May is definitely the month of celebrations. I have 8 birthdays on my calendar, our anniversary, mother’s day, plenty of weddings, and not to mention all of the graduations (from college and since we work with high school students, tons of high school graduations!). I’m trying really hard not to spend money right now since […]

It’s my first Blog-iversary (Free Apron Pattern!)

And for the occasion, I have another free pattern to add to the list! The Marie Apron! That’s my mom, Marie. And she’s wearing her brand new Marie apron that I made for her birthday. Can’t you see how happy she is? 🙂 If you would like to make the Marie Apron CLICK HERE for […]

Sewing and surprise secrets!

I’m pretty excited. You want to know why? Well, Jason surprised me by buying me a new sewing machine. You see the machine that Amanda is sewing on in the picture on the left? That’s my new machine, the Singer Confidence 7470. That’s right – the machine I sewed on at Maker Faire. The one […]

Kimono Robe and Stomach Sickness

So this is the first project to be made from the stash of fabric that we picked up last weekend. The fabric is a little cartoon-y, but I thought it was appropriate for an Asian inspired robe. . . I had been wanting to make myself one of these robes since I made Jason’s mom […]

Dad’s New Robe (and Christmas Stuff)

So one of my final Christmas gifts that I completed was this robe for my Dad. I used the free McCall’s Pattern M4244 that I got awhile back and some Texas A&M style fleece for the fabric. Now, the robe patterns doesn’t list fleece as one of the options for fabric so there were certain […]

Mama to Mama: First Round

So, I asked my co-workers for some t-shirt donations and they definitely came through. This weekend (amidst feeling pretty sick and not moving very far from the couch or the bed) I managed to whip up 19 of these precious little caps for Mama to Mama. They’re very simple to sew and I’m hoping to […]

Mama to Mama

In what I believe is the true spirit of the holidays and Thanksgiving, I would ask all of my crafting/crafty friends to consider participating in Mama to Mama. I think this is a great way to give to people in need from what you already have. “As crafters, the reasons we create are many. Just […]