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HOPE: Esperance Mukasekuru

To read more about why I post these stories click here. Esperance Mukasekuru is a successful weaver who lives in Karenge, Rwanda. She buys used bed sheets and bed covers and then skillfully weaves colorful designs into them, increasing their value and thereby allowing her to profit from their resale. Esperance joined HOPE’s Rwandan partner, […]

HOPE: Dell Jan

To read more about why I post these stories click here. Dell Jan came to HOPE International with a talent for weaving carpets, but because she lacked the capital to purchase her own carpet frame and materials, rental fees and interest owed to loan sharks consumed her profits. Even though she worked diligently, Dell Jan […]

HOPE: Marie-Lourdes

Despite struggling with blindness for more than half her life, Marie-Lourdes has singlehandedly raised four children and three grandchildren and built a successful enterprise in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Her warm, inviting personality belies the struggles she has seen in her life since an undiagnosed illness stole her eyesight when she […]

HOPE: Kalpana

Read more about my partnership with Hope International here. Kalpana came home from work each night exhausted, disheveled, damp, and only 32 cents closer to making ends meet. Since her husband was out of work, she had been forced to find employment to provide for her daughters, ages five and two. She missed spending time […]

Hope: Mama Atiya

When the desperation of poverty grows stronger than the ties between a family, a tragedy has occurred. For Mama Atiya, and many Congolese women like her, two tragedies went hand in hand. Mama Atiya’s husband died just over two years ago, and while she was still mourning the loss, his family came to visit. Instead […]